Black Gold Motel

Australia Day Giveaway

Australia Day & being Australian has different meaning to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. They say, “from adversity comes strength”. From our own travels over the break and in our business, we have witnessed an influx of local tourism…. locals are once again exploring our beautiful country and falling back in love with it, rather than jumping on a plane overseas. ✈️

The fact is, we are amazingly rich in natural beauty, culture & inspirational humans, we rarely need to travel to find it.

To celebrate this, we are giving away 2x $100 gift vouchers to the Crib Room by following the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Tag 2x friends in this post
  2. Tell us where & how you will spend Australia Day 🏖️🏜️🚗🏕️🥩🍖🍕
  3. Like this post and ensure you are following our Facebook Page
The winners will be announced on Australia Day at midday! 🤞 Get creative and get involved 😁