Black Gold Motel


Because you may well want to spend a few days exploring, you will want to find convenient accommodation.


Capertee Valley is within easy driving distance of the Black Gold Motel, and we offer comfortable accommodation for small and large groups.


Something you may now know about the Capertee Valley, it is the second largest canyon in the world, behind that one in the USA. It is also 1km wider than the Grand Canyon. The Capertee Valley is officially recognised as a ‘Biodiversity Hotspot’, a location that accommodates an unusual number of endemic species, not found anywhere else on earth. It is home to more species of birds than anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, a bird watchers paradise. It also contains the Wollemi Pine, a majestic conifer, one of the world’s oldest and rarest trees.

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The Wollemi was stumbled upon by an abseiler in 1994 – David Noble.  One of the most significant botanic discoveries of the century. As a result, we have a number of Wollemi Pines planted around the Black Gold property. Cheers Dave!

Some other areas to explore in the Capertee Valley are the Gardens of Stone National Park, made up of hundreds of rock pagoda formations, and the Glen Davis Oil Shale ruins. The old Oil Shale Works ceased operation in 1952.


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The Capertee Valley and surrounding World Heritage Listed wilderness areas draw people from all walks of life for a range of reasons. If you are searching for motels near Capertee or the Capertee Valley for your bushwalking or birdwatching group, then you will find excellent group accommodation options at the Black Gold Motel.

The motel is also a popular function venue. Capertee Valley is close enough to plan some enjoyable sightseeing trips, without the distraction and inconvenience of staying within a wilderness resort. We are located on paved roads, and our motel and function venue is easily accessible for anyone travelling from Sydney or the surrounding regions.

You’ll want to remember when searching for motels, the Capertee Valley covers a wide area, encompassing a number of towns. If you are searching for accommodation near Capertee itself, then we are about 25 minutes’ drive away, and even closer to the southern tip of the valley.