Black Gold Motel

Hartley Valley

Hartley Valley The Hartley Valley, found on the edges of the Blue Mountains Escarpment just 15 minutes east of Lithgow along the Great Western Highway has a strong aboriginal origin, serving as a meeting place for the surrounding aboriginal tribes,  Gundungarra, Wiradjuri and Dharug. Hartley is a peaceful and scenic landscape where early colonial history […]

Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves The Jenolan Caves are located around 70km south west of Lithgow, and are regarded as one of Australia’s most spectacular cave systems. The caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and rank amongst the world’s finest and oldest cave systems. Features include; guided tours of the caves, underground rivers, and dramatic geological formations. […]

Kanimbla Valley

Kanimbla Valley The Kanimbla Valley lies in the Blue Mountains, just south of Mount Victoria. It’s a remote area but that doesn’t imply that it is not worth a trip to this breath-taking valley.    Breathe in the fresh air and take in the fantastic mountain views, while enjoying a beautiful horse trail ride. Set […]

Lithgow Valley

Lithgow Valley Lithgow is a fascinating town with a strong industrial heritage and mining history. Located 2 hours west of Sydney, it is best known for being home to the first commercially viable steel mill, the remains of which are located at Blast Furnace Park. This site attracts tourists from all over the country each […]

Mayfield Garden

Mayfield Garden Only an hour’s drive from the Black Gold Motel, is Mayfield Gardens, a beautiful estate nestled in the Central Tablelands in Oberon. Originally established as a sheep farm, transformed and tendered by local talent, Mayfield Gardens is one of Regional New South Wales’ most popular and breathtaking tourist attractions.   A total of […]

Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley The Megalong Valley is a stunning valley made up of farmland, natural wilderness, and breathtaking views. The name Megalong Valley is derived from an Aboriginal word, thought to mean ‘Valley Under the Rock’.   It is a peaceful and relaxing escape where you can enjoy some country hospitality and all located in the […]

The Lithgow Small Arms Factory

The Lithgow Small Arms Factory The Small Arms Factory, which opened in June 1912, has proudly supported Australia’s soldiers on battlefields around the globe from Gallipoli to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. All Australian troops were equipped with weapons made in the Lithgow Small Arms Factory. A 90,000-foot factory floor and tool room, and forge, […]

State Mine Heritage Park

State Mine Heritage Park State Mine Heritage Park is a site just on the outskirts of Lithgow. Heritage Park had once been one of the primary coal mines operating at the time in the mining industry and was well known as the ‘State Mine Gully’. The Heritage Park now houses a museum for tourists and […]

Tarana Valley

Tarana Valley Tarana, a small rural town developed in the 1960s, is located in a picturesque valley located 30 minutes’ drive from Lithgow, nestled beside the main western railway line. Tarana, derived from the indigenous word meaning “large waterhole”, and what a fitting name to describe the town, housing the historical Tarana Hotel. Since opening […]

The Lolly Bug

The Lolly Bug The Lolly Bug is located in an old farmhouse dating back to the 1800s in the Hartley Valley, which is only 25 minutes from Katoomba and 15 minutes from Lithgow along the Great Western Highway. It presents a colourful world filled with sweet smells and mouth-watering treats that hold a captivating spell […]