Black Gold Motel


Black Gold Motel
121 Main St, Wallerawang NSW 2845, Australia
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Black Gold Motel
121 Main St, Wallerawang NSW 2845, Australia

Nestled within the walls of the historic 1881 Wallerawang School building, the Black Gold Motel stands as a testament to the seamless harmony of cherished restoration and cutting-edge innovation, firmly establishing itself as a coveted haven for discerning travelers.

As a symbol of culinary excellence, our renowned Crib Room Restaurant has become a treasured institution among locals and adventurous tourists seeking a distinctive gastronomic journey. The breathtaking ambiance of the Lamp Room Lounge offers an unrivaled setting for indulging in exquisite dining and cocktail moments, setting a standard unmatched in this captivating region.

Additionally, our modern and accessible conference center is a testament to our commitment to fostering learning, collaboration, and success.

We proudly received the Excellence in Business award from this year’s Western NSW Business Awards, which serves as a recognition of our ongoing growth, achievements & high standard.

Whether your visit is for personal rejuvenation or professional endeavors, prepare to be fully immersed in the embrace of the Black Gold experience – an encounter that is undeniably unique and eternally unforgettable.


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If you are coming to our Black Gold Motel or The Crib Room Restaurant, click on the image and check out our sitemap for easier navigation on our hotel grounds.