Black Gold Motel

Dine and discover NSW

When the NSW Government is offering to shout your dinner, accepting the vouchers is the least we can do! Black Gold Motel is now participating in the NSW Government’s Dine & Discover Voucher program! 💰💸💵

To take Gladys up on the kind offer, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download your vouchers via the ServiceNSW App prompts.

Step 2: Talk to our friendly staff at our Crib Room Restaurant to have your App Voucher scanned and converted to a Black Gold credit slip on our system.

Step 3: Order your favourite Crib Room meal of all time 🤤😋

Step 4: Take a selfie with your free meal to post on Gladys’ Facebook to say “thanks”. (The wittier the better). Make sure you tag us in on your post 🤳🏼📸

Please remember….The Dine & Discover vouchers are valid for up to $25 worth of food in a single day and can’t be used for beverages. You are most welcome to buy drinks separately. If your meal is cheaper than $25, we recommend sharing your credit with a friend or adding sides to your meal.

As always, we recommend you book with us to avoid disappointment!


See you all soon!