Black Gold Motel

Mayfield Garden

Only an hour’s drive from the Black Gold Motel, is Mayfield Gardens, a beautiful estate nestled in the Central Tablelands in Oberon. Originally established as a sheep farm, transformed and tendered by local talent, Mayfield Gardens is one of Regional New South Wales’ most popular and breathtaking tourist attractions.


A total of 65 hectares of cool climate gardens can be found at Mayfield, divided into two primary displays: The Mayfield Landscape (16 acres) and Hawkins’ Family Garden (49 acres). Every person who has worked there over the years has put their heart and soul into the gardens, showcasing amazing gardening talent and standards in a beautifully subtle way.


This unique and special tourist attraction is open year-round from 9 am to 4:30 pm, and the last entry time is 3 pm. It is closed only for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  A cool climate garden will give you a tremendous outdoor experience in every season: from the blooming water lilies in summer to the brilliant fall colors, to the lush growth and fragrant scents in spring.

Visiting Mayfield Gardens in the spring is one of the best times of the year to truly appreciate these magnificent gardens. The already stunning gardens begin to blossom and flourish in the springtime air. All around the garden there are flowers planted, filling up the atmosphere with their wonderful scents.

The Hawkins Family private garden occupies the additional 49 hectares outside of the Mayfield gardens. The Hawkins Garden is open to visitors during four seasonal festivals, the biggest of those being the spring festival, when the garden comes alive for a new year. 

Along with the blossoming spring garden, visitors can also experience Australia’s largest English box hedge maze and views of Down Under, the Mayfield Amphitheatre, Family Chapel, Water Garden, and Stumpery. There is also rowing on Mayfield Lake, and not to mention the amazing interactive games including Giant Chess, Croquet and Ping-Pong, perfect for a family outing. You can relax at the Mayfield Cafe after a long day exploring the gardens. It can also be used for private events or functions, including weddings.


Glamping in comfort and style, Mayfield also offers the opportunity to spend a night in one of their magical glamping tents, with special nightly admission to a world-class location, an experience like no other. 

Enjoy the scenery and majestic surroundings throughout your stay with a special nightly admission into Mayfield. Mayfield is truly a hidden gem and provides an immersive and intimate space to ignite your imagination. It is like nothing else, and it is a must-see.