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The Lolly Bug

The Lolly Bug is located in an old farmhouse dating back to the 1800s in the Hartley Valley, which is only 25 minutes from Katoomba and 15 minutes from Lithgow along the Great Western Highway. It presents a colourful world filled with sweet smells and mouth-watering treats that hold a captivating spell over both children and adults, inspiring a sense of awe and joy. This is a far cry from its former life with legends and history that are filled with ghosts, outlaws, miners and convicts contributing to a very rich and sticky past. 


The Lolly Bug shop features over 15000 types of lollies to satisfy every sweet tooth, with a wide international selection of treats including old fashioned English sweets, American sugar filled candy, Scotch-Irish treats, Dutch delights as well as some of our best-loved Aussie favourites, providing a little something sweet for everyone to enjoy.  


The Lolly Bug offers a large range of fun and quirky gift ideas, the perfect sugar hit for every occasion including last minute gift ideas, those special birthday treats, or a sweet surprise for the ones you love. There is also a wide selection of gourmet ingredients to fill your pantry with, such as home-made locally sourced jams, honey and relishes.


If you are in the mood to spice things up, they have you covered, stocking a selection of the world’s hottest chilli sauces and chilli chips, featuring the infamous King of Chilli, the Carolina Reaper Chilli with a killer good taste that will leave you crying for more.


Make sure to stop by and enjoy some delicious coffee, grab a quick treat for the kids and a little something sweet for the adults, or maybe a little something house-made on your way through. You definitely can’t miss the gorgeous farmhouse with the trademark bright yellow Lolly Bug grabbing your attention and inviting you to drop in for a visit