Black Gold Motel

Lost City

The Lost City lies just a few kilometres from Black Gold Motel, a true hidden gem!

A lot of sites are not always listed on the road map, including the “Lost City”, which lies only a few kilometres north of Lithgow. What you will find here are extraordinary pagodas, reminiscent of old decaying civilisations. Some look like ancient castles, others like apartment buildings, and some even look like houses with thatched roofs.


There is also an old coal mine and two dams in the valley below, a reminder of time gone by.


To get to the “The Lost City” you need to drive along the Bungleboori track. This will take you to the Lost City lookout where you can overlook the amazing impression of the city skyline, created by the incredible rocky structures. Only the serious 4WDers should take on the fire trails in this area, it is easier to walk. As you follow the trail for a few hundred metres, you’ll cross over the telegraph line road clearing and then continue on. Ensure you choose the left-hand track each time the road splits. Be prepared to get your car dirty, as you are likely to drive through a bit of mud on the way. At the end of the track is a small parking area and here’s where you’ll get your first glimpse of the Lost City. Continue walking for 100 metres and you will start to glimpse a few of these spectacular rock formations. The kids will have a blast scrambling up to see the views from the top.


The Snow Gum Fora Reserve is located at the northern end of the park, where the dominant eucalypt is the Dwarf Snow Gum.


While you are in the area you should check out the “Black Fellows Hands” trail as well.


These trails won’t cost you a cent to walk through and you can admire what mother nature has created in our own backyard.