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Daffodils at Rydal

Rydal is a quaint, unique town around 22kms from Lithgow.


It is a town that takes pride in winning awards for contributions to the environment and has also won Keep Australia Beautiful competitions on many occasions. There are many activities to undertake in and around the town.


Every February, the town holds the Rydal show, affectionately known as the ‘biggest little show in the west’.


While exploring Rydal, you can also walk part of the Bicentennial National Trail, which at Rydal, is at its closest point to Sydney.

Marrangaroo National Park is only a short drive from Rydal. This area provides many 4WD tracks to be explored. The Park follows the Cox’s River, where there are many activities that can be enjoyed, such as swimming, platypus spotting, fishing, and you can also hike to the top of Mt Walker to enjoy 360-degree views of the area. There are many small campsites along the river to set up camp and take a few days to rela and enjoy the area. It is also home to the endangered Purple Copperwing Butterfly, seen in Spring.


Thousands of daffodils have been planted in the parks and gardens of Rydal. The village is named after Rydal village in England where the poet William Wordsworth lived and wrote his famous poem ‘The daffodils’.


One of the biggest reasons people visit Rydal in Spring is ‘Daffodils at Rydal’, which is an annual event that takes place in September. This annual event takes place over two weekends each September. It features fields of golden daffodils, open gardens, music and community events.


The tickets on offer include access to the gardens, music, heritage buildings, sculpture exhibitions and art shows.

You can buy tickets at the Rydal Showground. All money raised is donated to charities such as St Vincent de Paul’s Lithgow. Daffodils at Rydal has donated $193, 239 to local charities since 2002, which is an awesome achievement.


Take the family and the enjoy the fields of all kinds of daffodils, while donating money to a worthy cause.