Black Gold Motel


Lake Lyell is situated on the outskirts of Lithgow approximately 2 and a half hours from Sydney. It was originally built in 1982 by Delta Electricity for the Mount Piper and Wallerawang Power Stations. The dams capacity is 34500ML with an approximate surface area of 238ha and a maximum water depth of 38m. 


Lake Lyell is a popular area utilised for fishing, water skiiing, 4WDing, swimming, canoeing…..the list goes on! The Lake has plenty of fish for the angler in the family, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Australian Bass, Macquarie Perch, Goldfish and Redfin.  


The park also has a number of picnic tables, catering for overnight visitors and day visitors. 

Lake Lyell provides cooling water for both Wallerawang and Mount Piper Power Stations. The Lake is connected to Wallerawang Lake by pipeline and hence to Wallerawang and Mount Piper Stations. Water is pumped from Lake Lyell Dam on the Cox’s River, about 20 kilometres from the power station to the Thompson’s Creek Dam, close to Mount Piper, which provides an additional 27,000 mega litres of cooling water. 

With so much to do, either out on Lake Lyell or in the surrounding regions, you will need some comfortable accommodation. Lake Lyell is just a short drive from the Black Gold Motel, and we offer affordable accommodation in a historic setting, whether you are staying a single night as you pass through the region, are here for an event and wish to book group accommodation, or need a weekend or weeklong retreat for the family.


Most of our accommodation is within the Old Wallerawang School, which was built with an adjoining residence in 1881. Throughout the facilities you will find mentions of past teachers and the school’s history, as well as references to the area’s rich mining history. 


The connection of the Black Gold Motel to Lake Lyell harks back to these mining days, when water was first pumped from the dam, up to the town as cooling water for the power stations.


These days Lake Lyell is known as a recreational haven. In summer you will want to be out on the water, while the cooler months still bring plenty of opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, or 4WDriving throughout the region.


If you have had a fun day of fishing, but haven’t come up with anything to eat, then why not enjoy the fish in our Crib Room Restaurant for dinner? We’re open seven nights a week, offering up satisfying, hearty meals that cater for your dietary requirements.


You don’t have to be staying in our motel to enjoy the Crib Room, and we have become a favourite restaurant for Lake Lyell visitors.