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Zig Zag railway

Travel on the Zig Zag railway, experiencing the high scenic views of the Blue Mountains’, vast natural landscape, admiring the grand sandstone viaducts and listening to the relaxing sound of the steam-powered locomotive’s chuffing. The magical trip back in time allows passengers to relive the era of steam trains, and appreciate the difficult terrain and technical challenges engineers faced in the early 1900s, filled with sights, sounds, and smells of a different time.


This Australian heritage railway was built and established in the 1960’s near the township of Lithgow. The trainline secured a safe passage for the transportation of people, mail and local produce from the western plains of NSW into the heart of the city of Sydney. Soon afterward, it was relieved by the construction of a 10-tunnel deviation in the late 1900’s.

Between 1975 and 2012 the Zig Zag Railway was operated and maintained by railway enthusiasts as a local tourist destination for the local community, and visitors to the area. They were able to provide a truly unique experience to locals and tourists alike. Sadly, it was closed by the NSW Government after accreditation issues ceased operations. 


After its closure, the Zig Zag railway has worked hard to secure the approval for operations to resume with efforts hindered as the result of two disastrous bushfires, torrential rain that caused severe damages to crucial infrastructure, and devastation to the area exacerbating repairs and delaying plans to reopen.

The Zig Zag Railway has undergone extensive repairs and testing of restored railway vehicles and tracks, in order to re-open in 2021, with a boost to our local tourism expected each year, as people flock to rediscover the magic of this local gem that has been lying dormant for so many years. During this time, The Zig Zag Railway welcomes its visitors with a great opportunity and location to enjoy bushwalks and picnics.


Venturing onto the Newnes Forest Road across the railway tracks, emerging onto the Old Bells Line of Road for about 6 km, stopping at a T-junction, after venturing right you will arrive at the Bungleboori Picnic area. From here you can discover a hidden track to the Lost City. The sunshine is best enjoyed at the Zig Zag Railway’s Clarence Station picnic areas. Sit and enjoy a picnic along the grassy slopes of Clarence’s landscape and experience the magical view of Platform 9 ¾ and the distant roars of the steam engines echoing out over the vast surroundings, if you are lucky, you can get a glimpse of the Wizard Express.